Mass and opening hours

Hallgrimskirkja will is open all days of the week, from 10 am to 4 pm. Hallgrimskirkja is a house for prayer, meditation and reflection. Mass on Sundays 11 am and Wednesdays at 10,30 am. Service in English last Sunday of the month at 2 pm.

Worship in Hallgrimskirkja

Mass on Sundays 11 am and Wednesdays at 10,30 am. English service on the last Sunday each month at 2 pm. The pastors and the staff of church may be contacted by phone (+354 510 1000). The pastors are Irma Sjöfn Óskarsdóttir and Sigurður Arni Þórðarson

Visiting Hallgrimskirkja

Hallgrimskirkja, the church, is open all days of the week from 10 am – 4 pm. Service on Sundays 11 am. English speaking service on the last Sunday every month at 2 pm. Wednesday service 10,30 am.

Opening hours

Welcome to Hallgrímskirkja. The church is open all days 11am – 3pm. The tower will be closed 15 minutes earlier than the church.  

Organ concerts

Lára Bryndís Eggertsdóttir will play the Hallgrimskirkja Klais-organ August 20th 12,30pm. The entrance-fee is IKR 1500. Tickets can be bought at the entrance. Welcome.

Announcement because of Covid-19

In accordance with the government’s decision on ban of mass gatherings in Iceland – because of COVID19 – there will be changes in Hallgrímskirkja. No services, concerts, gatherings or educational meetings will be held in the church for the next four weeks. Reflections, sermons, announcements and prayers of Hallgrímskirkja’s staff will be shared on… More Announcement because of Covid-19

Meditation with organ music

Thursday 12th March 2020 Rev. Irma Sjöfn Óskarsdóttir will lead the service. Organist is Björn Steinar Sólbergsson.The service is half an hour with organ music, devotion and prayer from our priests.  Everybody is welcome.