June 13, 2016

Opening hours and the tower

Hallgrímskirkja is the largest church in the country, and towers over the centre of Reykjavík. Its 73-metre-high tower provides a wonderful 360° view over all Reykjavík, the mountains around and the ocean streaching west to Greenland and the Americas. Because of this, the tower is among the most visited tourist destinations in Reykjavík.

Hallgrimskirkja is open for visitors from 12pm – 3 pm. During opening hours peoble can come and light a candle, sit on the church bences and visit the tower. But due to government regulations concerning mass-gaterings no more than 20 people are allowed in the church simultaneously and must keep 2 m distance. Every event in the church is cancelled to 13th April due the Assembly bann.

Tower admission

Adults: ISK 1000
Children: ISK 100 (ages 7-16)

Tickets are sold in the church-shop. 

Access to the tower is only by elevator. At the top there are a few steps to the open-air viewing platform.

Opening hours

Winter (October – April): 11:00 – 17:00, tower closes 16:30.
Summer (May – September): 09:00 – 21:00, tower closes 20:30.

Because of the 11am mass on Sundays the tower is closed from 10:30 – 12:15.

Hallgrímskirkja is an active, working church and sometimes we close the church without notice, due to weddings, funerals or other church-events.

Everyone is welcome to join services and concerts, but we ask visitors to stay the whole time to avoid disturbance.

Further information is on our calendar about events and closing of the church due ceremonys and on The Friends of Arts society webpage for concerts.