June 14, 2016


A Working Church

Hallgrímskirkja is a working church. It is a part of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Iceland.

Mass is on Sunday mornings at 11.


Hallgrímskirkja is also used for other Christian ceremonies, like weddings, baptisms and funerals.


Baptisms are by special arrangement with the pastors. They are normally incorporated within the Sunday morning mass, but it is also possible to have a private ceremony at the church or elsewhere.


Hallgrímskirkja is regularly booked for wedding ceremonies. To book the church you can call the office at 510-1000 or contact hallgrimskirkja@hallgrimskirkja.is to see if it is available.

It is necessary to have a pastor for the wedding ceremony at the church. It is possible to book the pastors from Hallgrímskirkja to perform the wedding ceremony, contact them directly:

Dr. Sigurður Árni Þórðarson, s@hallgrimskirkja.is

Sr. Irma Sjöfn Óskarsdóttir, irma@hallgrimskirkja.is

If the organ is to be played during the ceremony it is necessary to book one of the organists from Hallgrímskirkja:

Hörður Áskelsson, hask@hallgrimskirkja.is
Björn Steinar Sólbergsson, bjornsteinar@hallgrimskirkja.is

When booking the church for a wedding the following information is required:

  • Date and time
  • Contact information of couple getting married
  • Name of the pastor who is performing the ceremony
  • Name of organist (if any)

Furthermore, the wedding couple needs to provide the following information and certificates:

  • Birth certificate from Þjóðskrá Íslands (the National Registry)
  • Personal identification card, e.g. passport or driver’s license
  • Certificate from Þjóðskrá Íslands of civil status or equivalent certificate from foreign authorities.
  • Information about previous marriage being over.

If either or both individuals are foreign nationals and they wish that marriage is legally valid it is required to first discuss with the district magistrate before proceeding to plan marriage by a pastor.

Wedding ceremony in Hallgrímskirkja

Hjónavígsla 28.2.15


It is possible to request the service of the pastors and the organist of Hallgrímskirkja for funerals. If the wish is to have the funeral at Hallgrímskirkja, the booking process is done through the funeral service in charge of the funeral.