June 14, 2016


A Working Church

Hallgrímskirkja is a working church. It is a part of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Iceland, ELCI. If you plan a ceremony in the church contact one of the pastors directly: Sigurður Árni Þórðarson, s@hallgrimskirkja.is or Irma Sjöfn Óskarsdóttir, irma@hallgrimskirkja.is

Mass in Icelandic is on Sunday mornings 11am and Wednesdays 12 o’clock. Noon-prayers Thursdays and Fridays 12 o’clock. English mass on the last Sunday of each month 2pm.



If you plan a baptism contact the pastors. Baptism can be included in the Sunday mass or a special ceremony may be arranged in the church or in the home of the family.


All weddings in Hallgrimskirkja are in line with the lutheran marriage-ritual of the Evangelical Church in Iceland. A pastor always presides the wedding ceremony in the church. Directly contact either of the pastors of Hallgrímskirkja for booking them for a ceremony.

Planning a wedding ceremony in Iceland needs careful and sometimes long time for paperwork. According to Icelandic law the Registrar is responsible for the legal matters and will help with the paperwork. The staff or the pastors of Hallgrimskirkja do not help with the paperwork. Check the info on the Registrar’s home-page:


There are two choices. One is to have mixed planning of paperwork – the other one is to finish all paperwork at home and then book a church-ceremony in Iceland.

  1. The mixed planning: a. Finish all the paper-work in your home-country and then b. send it all to the Icelandic Registrar (district magistrate – their email is gifting@syslumenn.is ). When all is clear and cone c. you can contact the pastor and staff of Hallgrimskirkja to reserve the church and time for a wedding-ceremony.
  2. The second option: Finish the paperwork in your home-country, licence your marriage and then have a church-ceremony in Hallgrimskirkja.

Given the experiences of the past preparations, pastors of Hallgrimskirkja advice in general on option 2, i.e. finish the paper-work at home and formally register civil marriage. Then send the pastors of Hallgrimskirkja a photo of the validation. Then all the formalities are done and planning the fun part starts.

If you need an organist for the wedding ceremony you may be able to book either of the organists of Hallgrímskirkja:

Hörður Áskelsson, hask@hallgrimskirkja.is
Björn Steinar Sólbergsson, bjornsteinar@hallgrimskirkja.is

To book the church you can call the Hallgrimskirkja-office + 510-1000 or contact hallgrimskirkja@hallgrimskirkja.is to inquire about availability and possibilities. When booking the church for a wedding this information is required:

  • Date and time
  • Contact information of couple getting married
  • Name of the pastor presiding the ceremony
  • Name of organist (if any)

The funeral service in charge of the the planning of the funeral will book the pastor, musicians and time in the church for the funeral.