COVID-19 and open Hallgrimskirkja

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic no official services or events will be in Hallgrimskirkja until the government of Iceland lifts the ban of groups gathering in official houses and places. But Hallgrimskirkja will be open to individuals and families all days of the week, from 11am to 3pm. The staff of the church may limit Read more about COVID-19 and open Hallgrimskirkja[…]

Worship in Hallgrimskirkja

No services on Sundays due to pandemic regulations. But there are prayers on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays 12 o’clock. Admission is limited so the wardens and staff of the church may limit attendance number in line with the governmental regulations. The pastors and the staff of church may be contacted by phone Read more about Worship in Hallgrimskirkja[…]

Help us to keep Hallgrimskirkja clean

Take care! Because of the coronavirus-pandemic we ask all our visitors of Hallgrimskirkja to help us to keep the church as clean and safe as possible. Hand-sanitizers are located several places in the church, at the elevator and also in the shop. Please, use them. Most contact-surfaces will be regularly cleaned with disinfectant during the day. Read more about Help us to keep Hallgrimskirkja clean[…]

Announcement because of Covid-19

In accordance with the government’s decision on ban of mass gatherings in Iceland – because of COVID19 – there will be changes in Hallgrímskirkja. No services, concerts, gatherings or educational meetings will be held in the church for the next four weeks. Reflections, sermons, announcements and prayers of Hallgrímskirkja’s staff will be shared on Read more about Announcement because of Covid-19[…]

Mass Sunday February 16th

The mass on the coming Sunday, February 16th. starts 11 am. This day is the day of the Bible in the ELCI, the national church in Iceland. Pastor Sigurdur Arni Thordarson will discuss how we read and should not read the Bible! Lay readers. Organist Björn Steinar Sólbergsson. Members from the Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir. All Read more about Mass Sunday February 16th[…]

Motet Choir performing Handel’s glorious oratorio Messiah: Saturday 7. December at 18:00 and Sunday 8.December at 16:00

For Advent 2019, the Hallgrímskirkja Motet Choir, the Hallgrímskirkja International Baroque Orchestra and a stunning ensemble of soloists will be, conducted by Hörður Áskelsson. Handel’s Messiah is considered to be one of his most important compositions and indeed one of history’s greatest. A live performance of Messiah is always a festive event which no music Read more about Motet Choir performing Handel’s glorious oratorio Messiah: Saturday 7. December at 18:00 and Sunday 8.December at 16:00[…]