Organ Summer – The Ríkíní Players

The Ríkíni Players (Spilmenn Ríkínís) will perform at the Organ Summer festival in Hallgrímskirkja on the 24th of July.
Spilmenn Ríkínís have played and sung together for fourteen years. The members of the group are a family from the west side of Reykjavík. In the beginning, Sigursveinn Magnússon was a member of the group but he has now retired. The group has appeared in concerts, played at festivals and appeared on radio and television. Spilmenn Ríkínís sing music from Icelandic manuscripts, old psalm books and folk heritage. They accompany their songs with instruments that were played in Iceland in older times, many of which have their place in the culture of the European Middle Ages. Among them are harp, rebec, gemshorn, langspil and symphony. Some of these instruments they have made themselves, whilst others have been built for them by skilled luthiers. The name Spilmenn Ríkínís (The Ríkíni Players) originated from the French priest Ríkíni, who was the first singing teacher at the School of Hólar at its founding in the beginning of the 12th century.
Spilmenn Ríkínís recently released a new album, Gullhetta, with music and lyrics connected to spring and summer, some of which will be heard at the concert in Hallgrímskirkja.
The members of Spilmenn Ríkínís are:
Ásta Sigríður Arnardóttir, Halldór Bjarki Arnarson, Marta Guðrún Halldórsdóttir and Örn Magnússon. Special guest of Spilmenn Ríkínís in this concert is Gunnar Haraldsson.
Tickets are available at the door and on
Ticket price is 2000 ISK, free for children under 16 years of age.
The concert starts at 12:00 and lasts approximately half an hour.
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